As a therapist, with 13 years of experience, I specialise in cognitive behavioural therapy. I also work as a coach, marriage guidance and couple counsellor, and family therapist. I work with people of all ages: adults, teenagers as well as children.

Six years ago I co-founded, with my partner Alexis Savolle, the Coachplanet Training Institute providing training for therapists who wish to practice using the techniques of cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnosis, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic programming), emotional intelligence and family and couple therapy. Since then I have also been working as a supervisor for other therapists.
I became interested in psychology at an early age because my mother suffered from depression.

Here are some of the situations that can occur at various times in our lives where the support of a therapist can be helpful:

– lovesickness or heartache
– bereavement
– depression
– weight problems and/or anorexia
– addiction (tobacco …)
– childhood trauma and its consequences in later life
– enuresis (bedwetting or urinal incontinence)
– school refusal (fear of going to school)
– fear of transport
– social anxiety disorder
– other phobias
– insomnia or sleep problems
– self-confidence
– self-esteem
– management
– shyness
– finding a partner
– assertiveness
– “gifted” children, teens, and adults, HP (high potential)
– sexual problems in men
– sexual problems in women (frigidity)
– concentration
– achieving better at school

The therapies that I offer can help and support you through all the difficult moments of life.

CV Myriam Roure

Therapist in Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for adults, teens, and children
Hypnotherapist (using Ericksonian hypnosis)
Specialised in gifted personalities (children, teenagers, adults)
Specialised in treatment with Bach Flower Remedies
Coach (certified NLP, trained by Richard Bandler, the IFHE (Institut Français d’Hypnose Humaniste et Eriksonienne) and Métamorph’Oz Coaching)
Family therapist
Marital and couples counsellor
Founder of the Coachplanet Training Institute:
Instructor in TCC
Instructor in couples therapy
Supervisor of other healthcare professionals


Agence pour l’Economie de l’Essonne


Management of stress, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), addictions, and anxieties with CBT (PNL and Hypnosis) and Bach Flower Remedies
Management of emotions with Emotional Intelligence
Marital guidance and couples therapy, and family therapy, using analysis of personality profiles, non-violent communication (NVC) to facilitate positive communication and re-establish dialogue
Relaxation, detachment, self-affirmation, confidence and self-esteem using hypnosis and NLP
Gifted personalities or HP (being one myself, I know the difficulties as well as the potential)
Meeting management
Vocational retraining in conjunction with a vocational consultant
Dealing with harassment in one’s private and/or professional life
Burn out and/or depression

(FR Thérapeute en TCC et coach depuis 12 ans en cabinet privé)


CBT therapist and coach in private practice (since 2005)
Marital councillor and couples therapist (since 2008)
Family therapist (since 2010)
Founder member and coach, Coachplanet Training Institute (since 2011)
Supervisor of other healthcare professionals (since 2016)
Business trainer (since 2013)
Prior to 2004 … Office manager for 2 years, in an IT services company (High Technologies and Finance, Paris), then team manager for 3 years within the same company (an experience which alerted me to the pressures of stress in the workplace, whether caused by company buyouts and mergers, power struggles, and economic redundancy or powerful upswing in business dynamic ).


IMO (equivalent to EMDR : Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) to treat emotional trauma, phobias and also depression, 2016

Practitioner and master of hypnosis (advanced level training), 2016
Traditional hypnosis, 2016
Certificate of Transactional Analysis, (course 202), 2016
Certificate of Transactional Analysis, (course 101), 2016
Bach Flower Remedies training, 2015
International Certificate of NLP, with Richard Bandler in London, 2015
Certificate in Nutritional therapy, with Dr Moga, 2015
Training for Psycho-Social Risks, with Dr Moga, 2014
Social networks, Photoshop Elements and WordPress, 2014
Emotional Intelligence, Hapter Method, 2013
Coaching using personality profiles, Process Communication Management, 2011
Personality Tests “Profils Nuances®”, 2008
Synergology – Body Language, 2006
Emotional Intelligence, Non Violent Communication (NVC), 2005
(Installation in private practice, 2005)
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), 2004
Ericksonian hypnosis, 2003
Microsoft Office,  2000
Evening courses in dietetics, Mairie de Paris 1998
Masters degree in English, Faculty of Human Sciences at Aix-en-Provence (France), 1996


English: fluent

Spanish: good understanding

Italian: good understanding


BOOKS (in French)

Découvrez votre profil de personnalité nuances®

(Discover your personality profile in detail®) In French. To understand your management style, decipher the underlying dynamics of a situation, and learn to support your professional collaborators through change. This book is currently sold out.

“Lâchez prise” pour évoluer, avec l’hypnose ericksonienne”.
(“Letting go with Ericksonian hypnosis”). In French. When stress becomes overwhelming and counterproductive, it is time to “let go”. Ericksonian hypnosis is a technique used in coaching and short therapy, which produces conclusive results, rapidly providing relief in your daily life. This book which includes a bonus CD of hypnotherapy and coaching in self-confidence, can be bought directly from me at my practice in Paris (Levallois), at the Training Institute, as well as online (Amazon, or Fnac).


La PNL au service de la thérapie et du coaching (NLP for Therapy and Coaching)
L’hypnose Ericksonienne au service de la thérapie et du coaching (Ericksonian hypnosis for therapy and coaching)
Les profils de personnalités au service de la thérapie et du coaching (Personality testing for therapy and coaching)
L’Intelligence Emotionnelle  au service de la thérapie et du coaching (Emotional Intelligence for therapy and coaching)
La thérapie conjugale (Marriage counselling and couples therapy)
La thérapie familiale (Family Therapy)
La psychologie sociale (Social psychology)
Les risques psycho-sociaux (RPS) (Psycho-social risks)

ARTICLES (in French)

On my blog you will find a number of articles on a variety of subjects (see below for an non-exhaustive list). For the moment these are only available in French but some browsers offer automatic translation. You are welcome to leave a comment or a question – I will be happy to reply. Topics include:

Weight loss;
How to give up smoking using hypnosis;
Using NLP in everyday life;
NLP techniques;
Family therapy;
Couples therapy;
Common misconceptions about hypnosis;
Hypnosis techniques;
What exactly is the job of a psychotherapist?;
Helping “gifted” personalities (people with high potential)
Living with a “gifted” partner (with high potential)
Teenagers, children;
Establishing parental authority to help a child develop in a secure environment;
Problems related to the couple;
Recovering after a separation or bereavement;
Reconstructing a relationship after an infidelity;
Using an “anchor” (grounding) in hypnosis;
The differences between theatrical hypnosis and hypnotherapy;
Change and belief in NLP,
Self-esteem, self-confidence;
Burn out;
Emotional intelligence;
and more… &


List of CDs and MP3s (in French) of coaching and hypnosis for sale at my practice, at the Training Institute and in the online shop:

Vaincre sa timidité (overcoming shyness)
Confiance en soi (self-confidence)
Estime de soi (self-esteem)
Rencontrer un partenaire (finding a partner)
Grand réconfort (profound comfort)
Arrêt du tabac sans nervosité ni prise de poids (stop smoking without nervousness or weight gain)
Perte de poids, maigrir avec l’hypnose (weight loss, losing weight using hypnosis)
Stabiliser son poids (maintaining a healthy body weight)
Gérer son anxiété (managing anxiety)
Sortir de depression (Overcoming depression)
Développer sa concentration (Developing concentration)
Sexualité épanouissante au feminine (Fulfilling one’s sexuality for women)
Affirmation de soi (assertiveness)
Bien dormir enfin (Getting a good night’s sleep, at last!)
Pour en finir avec les problèmes sexuels au masculine (Overcoming sexual problems in men)